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This Thing started with Electricity and Lemonade. The Juice, derived from the common Stump, is Something Wicked indeed. Not Even a Rusty Rooster could wear The Crown that DE3RA flaunts. There is an Incredible Cloud we float on with the People we love the most. Before you start Counting Minutes, sit back, relax, and remember that You're Not Alone.



Welcome to DE3RA, Welcome Home.



     DE3RA was formed in 2017 in Nashville,TN, when three of its founding members came together with the shared idea of telling stories through the prism of psychedelia and harmony. The three founding members are Rob Sieben, Haydn Cone, & Layton Switzer. 

The name comes from our interaction with a roommate, who became a source of considerable ire. His mother’s name is Debra, so we named our band accordingly. The ‘3’ came with the difficulty of trying to become a certified artist on social media platforms (it was difficult to use a regular name as a band). DE3RA was an easy way to move forward.

We recorded the freshman album with our first bass player, Allen Keel, in 2017. The album is called This Thing and it is a collection of non-sequitur stories about various things, from the monsters living in your walls, to reflecting on your own depression. This album is raw and represents our first endeavor of putting songs together collectively.  

Our current bass player, Kevin Jack, came on for the sophomore album in 2019 (with the exception of Billy Black and Empty Bottles, which were recorded by Mitch Knabe). This album is called Old Scratch and is going to be released in October of 2020. 

The thoughtfulness of our lyrics, song structure, and ambience/aesthetic is the focal point of this project. Each song is a complex story framed through our psychedelic, and sometimes very heavy, music. 

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